Voting and Elections for Unions

Powerful Elections for Powerful Unions

When you use a secure, flexible, and fully-customizable voting system, you offer your members an easier, more accessible platform to voice their opinions.

Higher participation rates translate to stronger unions has been supporting unions through their elections for over a decade.

Our fully-managed and customizable system means we take care of everything, from start to finish, to give you back the time you need to lead strong, successful unions.’s managed services and exceptional team of specialists allowed for the CUPE-1500 vote to go smoothly and successfully – without consuming the time of their busy reps and consultants.

Make it easy for your members to vote

Give your voters the chance to cast their votes from anywhere, at any time – through their home phone, mobile phone, or computer.

Keep your members engaged and committed to participate

Remind your members to make their voice heard with automated reminders via text messages, phone calls, or email.

Free up your time by leaving the logistics to us

Our fully-managed services mean that our team of experts handle all of the vote’s logistics, from managing member verification to the final result.

Voting and Elections for Political Parties

Security & Reliability for High-Profile Elections

When you’re under the spotlight to run high-profile political elections, you want a secure, reliable, and auditable voting system that runs flawlessly.

With over 19,000 members, the Bloc Quebecois relies on’s multi-method voting system to make the election accessible to all members. It’s transparent process also allows independent observers to audit the vote and ensure the security and integrity of the election.

Safe, auditable, and transparent elections at your fingertips

For years, has been working with top-tier auditors such as EY, Deloitte, and RCGT to ensure our voting and election experiences have the highest security and integrity standards.

Combined with our secure and reliable infrastructure, you know you’re in good hands.

Protect the privacy of your member’s data

Give your members the peace of mind knowing their data is safe and protected in securely hosted data centers.

Boost voter confidence with transparent and auditable elections

Promote higher participation rates by giving your voters the confidence that the voting system is auditable, just, and secure.

Give your voters world-class support

Show your members you care about having their voice and opinion heard by offering them world-class support throughout the voting period.

Voting and Elections for Associations

Engaging System for Stronger Associations

Your members are the heart of your associations. Give them a simple, secure, and accessible voting system to strengthen their commitment to your association.

Simple accessible voting system for more engaged members

With clear voting instructions, world-class customer support for voters, and multiple voting options, allows you to offer your members an easier way to voice their opinions.

Add demographic analytics to that, and you’ve got yourself the ideal system.

ATW Tech uses’s system to engage its members and facilitate the voting experience for both the shareholders and the company.

Build trust and commitment with a secure system

Using a secure voting system is the first step to building trust and confidence in your association, making your members more committed to you.

Engage your members with an easy, multi-method voting system

Your members are more likely to vote if the process is easy, clear, and simple – and can be done from anywhere, at any time.

Understand your voters with demographic analytics

Get to know your voters with overall demographic insights and analytics – without compromising the privacy of their personal information.

Voting and Elections for Everyone Else

Versatility Without Compromise

We love new and exciting projects that challenge us, which is why we’ve worked with multiple brands and companies who have done just that. Game shows, reality TV, live-voting events, and others have trusted to take on their challenging needs.

Over 2 million people tuned in to watch the finale of La Voix last year, which relied on to provide a secure, versatile, and accessible voting system for their viewers. La Voix was also able to monetize these votes through’s billing capabilities.

Versatility, flexibility, and security are at the heart of our system

At, we don’t believe that flexibility and versatility should come at the expense of security and reliability.

Being backed by one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies means we can take on various projects and pull them off with success. Contact us to learn more.

Stay informed with real-time dashboards and statistics

Measure participation rates, keep track of the vote, and get real-time statistics with our custom-built dashboard.

Add a revenue stream by monetizing your votes

You can add billing capabilities to your voting experiences to monetize on entertainment-based elections.

Support your audience with world-class service

Our customer support is available to assist your voters throughout the duration of your voting period to ensure maximum participation and satisfaction.