Why Choose Option.vote for Your Elections?

Reduced Costs for All Participants and the Organizer

Avoid the need to spend time on the road by opting for a digital voting platform. Option.vote offers a solution that requires no manual labor, whether it’s employees, polling booths or even physical ballot management. The voting process is completely online for greater security, faster results and lower costs.

A Turnkey Service for a Hassle-Free Election

Thanks to our turnkey service, our clients benefit from our team’s expertise and experience in order to simplify the process for the organizer and share our knowledge of voting practices. This formula allows our clients to concentrate on the creation of the poll and analysis of the results, since everything else is taken care of by our specialists: importing members, programming the polls, sending invitations and reminders, etc.

An Intuitive and Branded Interface

Our digital voting platform is designed to make it easier for voters to cast their ballots and to increase voter turnout during elections. Our electronic voting system interface is intuitive and reflects your brand. If your voters encounter difficulties, our technical support will be able to assist them quickly based on the support hours established with the client.

Foolproof Information Security

When conducting confidential voting, special emphasis must be placed on protecting voters’ data and identity. We ensure the security of your members’ information before, during and after online voting through rigorous member verification, a secure network and high-security data centers.

Who Can Benefit from Online Voting?

A secure and easy-to-use platform will inevitably increase your election turnout, no matter which industry you are in. Voting online not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to have a more representative result from your members!

Voting Online Made Easy

Make the Voting Process Easier for Managers and Voters

Voting online is meant to simplify the voter experience and increase voter turnout during elections. Option.vote is a great way to achieve your goals and guarantee representative results.

By choosing Option.vote, you are guaranteed a maximum turnout and an efficient preparation of the election in a few simple steps, thanks to our turnkey services.

Step #1

Prepare Your Elections

Our online voting platform is customizable based on your goals. Our team will work with you to identify your needs and develop a simple and effective experience for your members. Voting by phone is also an option.

Step #2


Election organizers have a ton of responsibilities, and our platform handles the entire logistics of the voting system. Whether it’s managing confidential information or applying various auditing measures, Option.vote allows you to focus on other important tasks.

Step #3

Cast Your Online Vote

Open the voting period to members and let them enjoy a smooth and intuitive interface to fill out their digital ballot. Option.vote’s support team is available to assist your members with any technical issues or difficulties. With email reminders and clear instructions, we’ll make sure you get the best possible turnout!

Step #4

Election Results

Turnout statistics are available in real time throughout the voting process, while the results of your election are calculated automatically at the end of the election. Our online voting platform allows you to access various data immediately and share the results with your members. Our voting system also provides you with auditability options to ensure representative results.

Choose the Most Secure Online Voting Platform in Canada

Option.vote offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to a traditional physical voting system for all industries. We have successfully assisted many partners for many years by providing an efficient platform and flawless support. Learn more about benefits of our online voting system:

Proven Security Measures

Option.vote eliminates risk of fraudulent activity through extensive multi-level verification of participants. All measures are taken to ensure voters’ confidentiality and a transparent and secure voting process.

Enjoyable Experience for Your Electors

Our voting platform allows your members to choose the easiest way to vote, whether it’s online on a computer or mobile device, or by phone. Reminders and alerts can also automatically be sent to voters to ensure maximum turnout.

Customizable Digital Elections

Choose features and content that will be included in your online voting! Option.vote is proud to offer a flexible voting service that fits your needs. You make the decisions, we execute the organization and installation for your online voting.

Reliable Technical Support

You will have access to a dedicated technical support team during your online voting to address any potential difficulties your voters may have to ensure maximum turnout. An election is an important moment, so it is our priority to make sure it goes smoothly.

Make Voting Fun and Empowering with Our Renowned Customer Support

Our support team is dedicated to assisting you and your voters throughout the election process. Choose Option.vote’s services for your elections and make sure every member can vote!