Security Features

Rigorous Security Measures Implemented

You expect your voting and election experiences to be completely safe and secure, and we don’t expect anything less from ourselves, either.

Data Protection

Member Verification

Network Security

Process Transparency

Data Protection and Privacy

Protecting your members’ data and privacy is our highest priority, which is why we ensure they are safely stored in secure data centers.

Member Verification and Anonymity

We eliminate any possibility of fraudulent activities and ensure anonymity with a thorough, multi-level verification process, complete with unique PINs and data encryption.

Network Security and Stability

We secure our networks with multiple algorithms designed to block fraudulent traffic, and use high-performing servers to make sure lines stay open and webpages are active throughout the vote.

Transparent and Auditable Process’s system is completely transparent and auditable, from beginning to end. We work with top-tier auditors (EY, Deloitte, RCGT, etc.) to help us exceed the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Accessibility Features

Offer Better Voting Experiences

Your votes and elections are only as strong as their participation rate. Our accessibility features give your members every opportunity to get their voices heard.

Multi-Method Voting

Stop asking your voters to waste time and money commuting to your polling stations. Instead, offer them the chance to vote via mobile, phone, and/or online.

Automated Alerts and Reminders

Schedule automated alerts and reminders to prompt your members to cast their votes. With an email, an SMS message, or a call, you can send out reminders before and even during the vote.

Clear and Simple Voting Experience

Our goal is to get as many of your members as possible to vote. Which is why we provide them all with detailed, clear, and simple instructions on how to vote, whichever voting method they use.

World-Class Voter Support

Your votes and elections come with a team of dedicated, experienced, and friendly customer support, at the ready to answer all their questions, and ensure they have the best voting experience possible.

Usability Features

Ask More of Your Voting System

Yes, your voters are important. But the ideal voting system would take care of your needs, too. Our usability features give you the peace of mind you crave when organizing large-scale votes.

Fully-Customizable Voting and Elections

Our fully-customizable voting system means you can tailor your votes and elections however you want. Choose the voting methods, languages, branding options, enable and disable any feature you desire, even choose the type of vote you want to carry out. It’s all up to you.

Managed and Personalized Support

Our experienced project managers are with you every step of the way. When it comes to voting and election that are large-scale, sensitive, and impactful, we provide you with the expertise you need for a flawless experience.

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

Get real-time data and insights on how the vote is progressing, what the participation rate is, and what the results are as soon as the voting period ends (only accessible for administrators).

Quick Setup Times

With the complexities of setting up a large-scale vote, the last thing you need are long, tedious set-up times. At, we can have your vote ready quickly and without hassle (times depend on how customized your vote is; contact us to learn more).

Customizable Elections

Managed Services


Quick Setup


How quickly can you set up the vote?

It depends on your needs and how customized your vote it. Request your proposal today to learn more.

Can you handle a vote for 8000 members?

Absolutely! We specialize in large-scale votes and elections, so we can handle any vote with 1000+ members.

Can my members vote on their mobile phones?

Yes. We offer various voting methods (phone, web, etc.) – all of which are optimized for mobile use.

Can we brand the voting interface with our logo and colors?

Yes. We can customize the voting interface to include your brand colors, logos, links, and any other branding requirements you have.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the features you request. Our voting system is meant to be fully customizable based on your needs. Request a quote to get your estimate.

Can we get a dedicated customer support line for the voting period?

Yes. We offer exceptional support services for your voters during the voting period to ensure it’s accessible to every member.

How do I get started?

The first step you should take is getting in touch with us. We want to learn about your and your needs to determine if is the best solution for you. Fill out this form or give us a call toll-free at +1 (800) 985-2570.