Simplified digital voting for the future

Built for a better voting and election experience

It’s time to ditch the paper ballot and go digital for a cheaper, easier, and more streamlined voting process.

Boost voter participation rates

Provide your voters with a simple, secure, anonymous, and accessible voting platform. Make it easier and cheaper for their opinions to heard, and watch participation rates skyrocket.

Lower costs for both voters & organizers

The logistics of setting up a paper ballot are costly, so is taking time off and commuting to the polling stations. Eliminate these unnecessary cost with a more efficient and accessible voting system.

Save yourself the time and hassle

Opt for a fully-managed voting system that takes care of all the logistics for you; complete with contact management, verification, reminders, and more.

Offer a more secure and reliable election

Build trust and confidence in your union, political party, and associations by implementing an innovative voting system with world-class security and reliability standards. streamlines your voting experiences

The best systems turn complex ideas into simple solutions

Running a successful, secure, and reliable large-scale vote is no easy feat, but our process at ensures everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Step #1

The Plan

We work with you to develop the ideal voting experience based on your needs, complete with recommendations and customizability options for you and your voters.

Step #2

The Setup

We manage all the setup logistics for you, including handling the privacy of member data, implementing verification measures, and building the entire voting experience.

Step #3

The Vote

With clear voting instructions, an easy-to-use interface, reminders to vote, and an amazing support team at your service, your elections and votes are sure to run without a hitch.

Step #4

The Reveal

Using a digital voting system means you get access to real-time dashboards and view the results as soon as the voting period ends (with auditability features, too!)

Managing large-scale elections with care

Opt for the most trusted voting system in Canada has been delivering secure and reliable voting excellence to unions, political parties, and associations for decades – and always with remarkable services and support.

Delight and empower your voters with renowned support.

Our support team is on-call to assist and support your voters throughout the entire voting process.